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My Life: The Musical

Myka has been singing.  She sings things like, “Momma I want my milk please!”  I need to record it because it’s hilarious.


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May 18th

I love May 18th.  It’s my birthday.  I still get excited every year.  And this year I turned 30!  I gave it a couple days – it’s now the 23rd – but it still doesn’t feel different than my twenties.  I’m sure the first time I have to say “I’m thirty” when someone asks how old I am it will seem a little strange, but I have been assured by many friends that being in my thirties will be amazing.  I’m looking forward to see what craziness the next decade will bring!

On Saturday we had a potluck at our house to celebrate my birthday, and it was so much fun!  Stephen took care of getting ready and cleaning up and the backyard looked so cozy and sweet.  There were paper lanterns and candles and bubbles and toys for the kids.  It was perfect.


Thank you, babe! I felt good to be loved so much on my birthday.

PS – Yes. That would be my child in her underwear.

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I Dangerous!

Myka was playing with a plastic bag yesterday. She was peeking through the hole at the handle. I seriously thought, “I’m that awful mother who isn’t following the dire warnings on plastic bags.”  So I told her to take it off because that is dangerous.  Her reply: “It not dangerous. I Dangerous!”

Where did this daredevil child come from?  Where was she when I wanted her to pet a goat?

So I let her keep playing with it while I finished making tortillas.

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tortillas and Mexican lasagna

I made tortillas from scratch yesterday, but they are pretty bland.  It was just a basic flour recipe. I used it because it called for vegetable oil while many call for lard. Any suggestions of a really good recipe?  Maybe I have to use lard? I did see that item at the store the other day.  At the time I thought, “Who uses lard these days?” Apparently people who want to make tortillas.

Today I am making Mexican lasagna with the tortillas, and I’m hoping the blandness is fine because there are so many other flavors in it.  We’ll see!  Our backup dinner is salad…

*UPDATE*  The lasagna was Great!  We will definitely make that again.