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May 18th

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I love May 18th.  It’s my birthday.  I still get excited every year.  And this year I turned 30!  I gave it a couple days – it’s now the 23rd – but it still doesn’t feel different than my twenties.  I’m sure the first time I have to say “I’m thirty” when someone asks how old I am it will seem a little strange, but I have been assured by many friends that being in my thirties will be amazing.  I’m looking forward to see what craziness the next decade will bring!

On Saturday we had a potluck at our house to celebrate my birthday, and it was so much fun!  Stephen took care of getting ready and cleaning up and the backyard looked so cozy and sweet.  There were paper lanterns and candles and bubbles and toys for the kids.  It was perfect.


Thank you, babe! I felt good to be loved so much on my birthday.

PS – Yes. That would be my child in her underwear.


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