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I’m sorting. Sorting, sorting, sorting. I’m kinda tired of sorting. Because of the weird timing of everything we don’t know if we’ll still be here when the movers come. The movers can’t come before Stephen’s visa is approved, but we’re going to Pennsylvania on the 21st whether it has been approved or not. So things I want them to send to Saudi Arabia are going in what was Emery’s room (he’s sleeping in Myka’s room now) and things to be packed for storage are going in our room. Then someone will be here to oversee and direct, but it’s pretty much laid out for the movers.

And we leave for Pennsylvania in 22 days. Maybe once it’s September that will have the kick-in-the-butt affect it should. Right now I’m just feeling foggy and unfocused. But I’ve gotten some things accomplished today, things sorted. Emery’s room is filling up far too fast, but I’m trying to keep things away from the walls because I still have corner molding to put up in there. 22 days. 3 weeks. I should be doing something.

I am doing something! I’m letting you know how it’s going. And really it’s going well. Our To Be Sold list is getting smaller. I’ve sorted through nearly everything. We have possible renters coming soon to look at the place. Plane tickets bought. Dog travel arrangements made. And with the four day weekend some house projects will be finished – more ‘to-do’s crossed off the list.

There’s so much ahead in our journey to Saudi Arabia. I mean, just to get there. That plane ride into the country, my first time really overseas, is daunting. Staying in PA for 2-3 months without Stephen sounds lonely and difficult. Medical checks for everybody. More paperwork. But I’m choosing to look at the good parts, the things I’m looking forward to. Living with Grandparents for 2-3 months means lots of help with Myka and Emery! And the kids will love being with family so much. Stephen will get to set up most of our household goods before I get there, but figuring out life in a new place is a fun challenge to me. What food will be there? What will our house look like? Who will we meet? And I get to buy an abaya.


This one is pretty!


Their supply seems really low right now, but I like the styles of abayas on this website.
I’ve been looking already. But it’s one of those things that can wait until we’re in PA. And, in case you’re wondering, I have to wear a black abaya, and I’ll have to cover my head as well. But only in public and not in the community we’ll live in.


2 thoughts on “sorting

  1. I am glad you are writing this blog. It is a good insight into what’s happening with you guys. Love you and wish you the best. Carolyn

  2. Thank you! It makes me happy that you can and do read our blog.

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