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Where are we going?

We don’t really know how much Myka understands about our move to Saudi Arabia, but the girl’s pretty smart.  At least she repeats well.  Haha! This was a little conversation we had about moving:


Kelsie – Where are we moving?

Myka – to Pennsylvania!

K – Where are we going after Pennsylvania?

M – to school?

K – What country are we moving to?

M – you tell me.  you tell me, mom.

K – Do you remember? Saudi…

M – Arabia! to Saudi Arabia.

K – What are you looking forward to doing yin Saudi Arabia?

M – I’m going to see lots of counties in that place, in Saudi Arabia.  Lots of countries.


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Stephen’s visa is approved!

Stephen can go to Saudi Arabia!  In fact in about three weeks he will go to Saudi Arabia.  I haven’t wrapped my head around that one.  I am going to miss that guy.  In two weeks we all go to Pennsylvania.  In one week we have a yard sale and get rid of anything not going with us or in storage. I type it but it still doesn’t sink in.  Why isn’t it sinking in?! I’m sure as we continue to count down days, say goodbye to people, and things disappear from our house it will become ever more real.  I’ve always come back here from our trips to PA, and I have to keep reminding myself that this trip is different.  Very different.

There are lots of things that still need to be finished before we leave, but spending time with people is a priority.  We take the time to stop working on projects and just hangout with people.  We’ll still get everything done, and we’ll be more relaxed and happy while doing in!  Well, there will probably be some very un-relaxed moments as we get closer to leaving.  Haha! But that’s to be expected.  Next Sunday we are having a get-together to say goodbye to people at a park nearby.  I always feel uncomfortable being the center of attention at these things, but I want the chance to see people I wouldn’t get to say goodbye to otherwise.

This afternoon is going to be spent watching football.  I may run some errands by myself (aka – enjoy some alone time) while the kids are quiet.  We need some restoring, quiet time before another busy week.