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starting – We’re in Pennsylvania!

You know how you plan things, work out how you’re going to do something, think about an event in the future and in your mind play out how it will go? I am in the middle of our process to get to Saudi Arabia. I’m actually doing the things I planned and thought about! It’s taken so much thought and effort and planning just to get here, but we’ve started! We’re on our way to Saudi!

We left Washington Friday evening, flew through the night, and are in Pennsylvania staying with Stephen’s parents. Stephen will be here for about a week before he flies to Saudi Arabia. It will be a week full of visiting. I week I will find far too short. Myka, Emery and I will stay here with family until our visas are ready and we can join Stephen in Saudi Arabia.

I have taken two naps in Pennsylvania so far, and we’ve been here about seven hours. Flying through the night was ok. We’ll see how the next day or so go and decide if we ever do that again. I certainly don’t recommend it if you aren’t going somewhere that allows you to sleep a lot the next day.

Every time I fly I think, “Why did I bring all these things with me on the plane? I didn’t use half of them.” I should really work on packing more selectively.

I have to go now. I need to make a list of essential carry on items. What else am I going to do with my quiet, alone time while the kids are with Grandparents and Stephen is sleeping?!