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Favorite Pin of the Week – 100 ways to encourage a new mom.


New moms need this.  Actually, friends of new moms need this.  It’s a really good list, a reminder to do for others what we want someone to do for us.

My favorites: 3, 4, 5…..oh, this isn’t working.  Just read the whole list!

Which are your favorites?  Do you have a story of someone doing something special for a new mom? Please share in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Pin of the Week – 100 ways to encourage a new mom.

  1. What a great list! I don’t think it’s acceptable for me to share it though, considering that I myself am a new mom. It might seem like I am asking for someone to do these things for me! On second thought… hehe. Just kidding. What a great reminder to support one another during each stage of life.

    I especially like the “don’t tell her your kid was sleeping through the night at this point…” It’s not a competition people!

    PS Thanks for the lovely text!

    • It wasn’t until Emery was about 4 months that I realized that when people or articles said “sleeping through the night” they didn’t mean 8+ hours. It often means just 4-6. What?! That is not a full nights sleep for me. Haha!
      PS – You’re welcome!

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