wherever you go

he’s there!


Oh, he’s there he’s there he’s there!

Stephen is in Saudi Arabia.  We used facetime to talk and see each other yesterday around lunchtime.  He was in the Qatar airport and about to get on the plane to the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). The email I received from him this morning was the first time I’ve heard from him since then.  It was a long time to not know what was going on.  It’s one thing having someone you love travel far away from you, but it’s even worse having someone far away and not being able to communicate with them at all.
He can use his email at work but otherwise has no internet, no phone.  I’m sure he will be working on getting an internet connection at home as soon as possible, if that’s possible.  And he will find out if he can use wifi somewhere.
For now, I’m just glad he could send us an email from work and that I know he is in the KSA, at work, got to sleep in a bed last night, and is doing well.

I’m sure he will post something as soon as he can!

All part of our crazy adventure…..


2 thoughts on “he’s there!

  1. Glad you heard from him and he arrived safely. Praying for you all.

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