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oh oh! the joy!


I finally got to talk to Stephen!  I can’t even put a sentence together – I’m just so happy and relieved and excited!  He said he wrote three (Three!!) blog posts yesterday.  Hopefully he’ll be able to get them on here tomorrow.  Are you Excited?!  I’m excited!!!  He said he wrote about the compound he’s staying in, so we didn’t talk about that over the phone.  Now I have to wait until he posts it..
Not communicating has been really hard on me.  Stephen’s usually calls or emails fequently, and I’m used to that.  But with no phone at first, still no internet, meetings at work, etc., he wasn’t able to call and the amount of emails he was able to sent was limited.  I would find myself staring at my phone, willing it to ring.  When it would announce that I had a new email I would excitedly hope it was Stephen, though, most of the time it wasn’t.  I was driving myself crazy.

The last time I heard from Stephen was an email he sent as he was leaving work on Thursday.  That was around lunchtime for him so about 5:00am for me. He said he was heading home and would work on getting internet. Then, nothing else that day…….nothing in the middle of the night…..nothing this morning…………  So I stopped checking.  Stopped holding my phone all the time.
And then I miss his call.  Gah!  Eventually, he called back and we got to talk for a while.  Hearing his voice soothed all my worked up nerves. He got to say hi to Emery and Myka.  Myka was ‘calling’ him on the tv remote this morning, so I’m really glad she got to actually talk to him this afternoon.

Now that Stephen has a phone we can call when and if we need to reach each other.  Ahh..the things we take for granted!


2 thoughts on “oh oh! the joy!

  1. So sweet about Myka trying to call Stephen with the TV remove it breaks my heart!

    Then again, she was having me “call” her friend Lorelai with the toy phone last weekend, too. 🙂

    Love you guys!

    • Yes, she does like talking on the telephone. She’s been “calling” grandma for quite some time on the tv remote. Though she was absolutely not interested in talking to me on the telephone right before nap time.

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