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The most common concern people have had was regarding safety in Saudi Arabia.  I had my induction orientation last week, which included a safety briefing.

The most dangerous situation in Saudi Arabia is DRIVING…  Someone dies in a motor vehicle accident every 18 minutes in Saudi Arabia.  And YES, people drive crazy here.  And by people, I mean men.  Only men are allowed to drive.

The stop lights have countdown clocks on them, it makes it much easier to rev the engines and race from the starting lines.  Then when you are at an intersection turning right or left, don’t be surprised if the two lane road turns into 4 or 6 wide all trying to turn.  Or if the highway is under construction and it is supposed to be two lanes instead of 3, six lanes end up being formed.  Driving on the hard shoulder is typical.  If they flick their lights at you, get out of the way.

I will probably end up buying a vehicle here, but my biggest concern is making sure it has a big enough vehicle to keep us safe and big engine so I can keep up with traffic or get out of the way if need be.  I would never want to have a flat tire here and get stuck on the side of the road.  Wonder if they have run flat tires?

Rule number one… Drive defensively and offensively at the same time.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next incoming attacker..

This is a very safe and secure country… but you’re driving in a war zone.


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