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Rubber gloves…


I had my first experience with the medical clinic here.  Don’t worry it wasn’t for anything serious.  Even though I had an extremely thorough medical examination before I came over here, I still have more medical exams.  This week’s exam was for my iqama, i.e.  residency permit.

I hop on a shuttle bus at work that took me to a local medical clinic.  My instructions from the driver, “go inside”.  That was totally not helpful.  I went inside and found a sign that said “reception”, actually it said “male reception”.  I’m a male and had nowhere else to go so I stood in line.  When it was my turn, I handed the gentleman at the counter my papers, he entered lots of stuff into a computer, wrote down lots of things, then pointed for me to go around the corner.  I walked around the corner expecting to see a waiting room of something… nothing… a hallway.  I stood around looking stupid for a few minutes then asked someone who looked like a doctor what I am supposed to be doing, he pointed down the hall.  Eventually I did find a waiting room.  Soon my name was called and I was led to an exam room.  Here was a doctor and 3 nurses.  They had my file, which included the paper I handed the guy at the reception desk and my picture and started filling out a couple more pieces of paper.  After a couple more minutes they handed me a piece of paper and said to go to the laboratory.  Fortunately, I saw a sign while standing around looking stupid for the laboratory so I knew where I was headed.

I walked into the lab and handed a nice gentleman my paper and he directed me to a station to take blood.  Once he looked over my paper and made a few phone calls, it was time to give blood.  I saw rubber gloves on the station so I was happy to know they were going to be sterile.  Except he picked up the glove and tied it around my bicep as a tourniquet.  You mean he didn’t wear rubber gloves?  Nope… bare hands.  I was glad that he at least pulled a sterile syringe  out of a sealed plastic pack.  After he found my vein and drained some blood then filled a vial, I was done.

Time to find my bus driver…


5 thoughts on “Rubber gloves…

  1. Okay, I did not see that coming at all. They tied the gloves around your arm? HYSTERICAL.

    • It certainly shocked me too. I was almost like… “what in the world are you doing? Gloves go on hands, not around arms” But I am sure something would have been lost in translation along the way.

  2. Oh my … Did they at least clean your arm before sticking the needle in you?

    • Yes, they did clean my arm, but I am still not sure what with. I have been told they don’t use alcohol here even for medicinal purposes and then someone told me this week that they do. So, I am still alive, that’s a plus. 🙂

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