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Stephen and I are finding a rhythm to our days.  I stay up late for that one last phone call.  If I’m up feeding Emery or not able to sleep, I can email him. During the day I can call or email.  The kids get to say hello and hear their daddy’s voice. It amazes me how much I enjoy just hearing his voice. I love it.  Then there’s the long part of my day when Stephen is sleeping, and I have to wait until that last phone call.

I purposely had a very quiet first week. It gave me a chance to find a rhythm of naps and establish some calm in the middle of all the craziness.  It was an exhale.  And now I’m ready to take another breathe and begin again.

So yesterday we had a visitor and today Grandma came over.  Now that we’ve settled down a bit, I’m looking forward to planning playdates and visiting friends and family.  And I’m hoping that enjoying my time here helps it go quickly.  The thought of being in Saudi Arabia with Stephen fills me with anticipation.  I try not to think about it too much and focus instead on the present, the next week.

I’m loving my time here.  At one point tonight Grandma was putting Emery to bed and Grandpa was reading to Myka. On Sunday I got to go run errands by myself!  It’s good to feel so taken care of while away from Stephen.


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