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Call to Prayer.

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Adhan…  Call to prayer.  Here in Saudi Arabia,  I hear this six times a day.  All throughout the day depending on the calendar.

This is something very new to me.  I hear it in the morning before the sunrise, usually before I get out of bed, I hear it four times during work hours, and then I hear it once I am back home after sunset.

I work in a multi-story building and on the top floor there is a mosque or prayer room.  They have loud speakers so everyone can hear the adhan and respond if they would like.   Many men in my area put on their flip-flops and head upstairs to participate.  I am one floor below the prayer room so I can even hear them praying from my cubicle.

I am not Muslim, I am Christian, I currently live in the heart of the Muslim religion, in one of the most conservative Muslim countries on earth.

Women cannot drive.  Women must be covered in at least an abaya, some wear a niqab.  Women do not work, except in schools or hospitals.  My office is only men, most of which are Muslim.

I am not offended by working in a Muslim workplace, I am inspired.  I greatly respect their devotion.  It truly is awesome.

I was asked many questions while preparing for this journey:

  • Are you scared? – No
  • Can you bring a bible? – Yes, for my own personal use.
  • Will you talk about your beliefs? – Not unless asked.
  • Can you go to church? – No, there are no religious gatherings other than Muslim gatherings.
  • What will you do without a church? – The exact same thing I have done everywhere else, love God and follow Him.


And this is what the daily calls to prayer remind me to do.  Love God and follow Him.  My faith here has grown more in the last week than it has in a very long time.  Every time I hear the adhan, I pray.

Abraham followed God’s direction into a land he did not know and God blessed him and gave him great faith.  I am no Abraham, but I have followed God to this foreign land, my faith has grown, and in the seven days I have been here, I have been more blessed by God than I could have planned or imagined.


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