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Pin of the week – 10 things not to say to your kids


Myka…I love that girl.  She is smart and silly, stubborn and creative.  And MAN she can push my buttons.  We had a particularly difficult day last week when she spilled iced tea on my new laptop, played with nail polish instead of napping, and cut her own hair.  It was a bad day.  I’m still annoyed about her super short bangs.

But it’s really the little things that bother me.  The sassy way she will answer me sometimes.  How she tells me what to do.  When she suggests a new option other than the two I just gave her.  Or when she yells at or pushes her bother.

I decided my parenting needed some refreshing.  Or at least some consistency.  Two things that work with Myka are being sent to her room and having toys go in time out.  She can come out of her room when she is happy and will listen, and she’s usually in there for about 1.6 seconds. And having a toy that is being destroyed or claimed as ‘mine’ taken away for a time is sure to make her willing to do just about anything to get it back.  My problem is the consistency.  Moving at the moment of her behavior to correct her.

Which leads me to the pin –


The one I’ve been using the most is number five.  I’ve been saying to Myka, “If you choose to step on the books, you choose to have them put on top of the shelf,” or things like that.  Anytime I can make something her choice it helps.

And it’s been working! She is obeying quickly more often and I’m repeating myself less.  It’s good to refresh my approach every once in a while.  And it amazes me how much my actions and decisiveness affect her and how our day goes.

What do you think? What works for you?

IMG_0916 IMG_0918 IMG_0920 IMG_1800 IMG_1801 IMG_1802


You can see the remorse in her face in the pictures above, but by the time I got her cleaned up and combed her hair she was back to her silly self.

IMG_1804 IMG_1808

IMG_1806 IMG_1805


4 thoughts on “Pin of the week – 10 things not to say to your kids

  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing it. http://www.loveandlogic.com/ is another site that sends weekly emails about parenting. I still get them and read them just because I find them interesting. They are about respectfully disciplining much like your link. Love you!

  2. I am really really, we’ll I guess I should say we are… But anyway… Struggling with Connors behavior would be an understatement. He pushes me to tears on a daily basis and I just don’t know what to do anymore! I try being nice, mean, giving choices, time outs, ignoring…I could go on. NOTHING is working. He refuses to nap, hits us, throws things, is mean to his brother. Uhhh. Currently (nap time) I have dragged his toy shelf out of his room, removed all the toys, extra pillows and stuffed animals, etc. and somehow he is still finding a way to play upstairs…..I just want him to sleep! I want him to behave and be the nice sweet kid I know he is. I definitely don’t feel like there is mutual respect between us. Thanks for sharing those sites, I hope I find some guidance in them! I hope you continue to see progress with myka!

    • Isn’t having kids crazy? I feel like I’m always figuring it out as I go and if I do seem to having something figured out it then changes. Gah! But we have some wise women around to encourage and equip us. And maybe babysit every so often. *hint hint* haha! I hope you find a new something to try and that you see that “nice sweet kid” more and more. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie! And let us know if there are tips you love.

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