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Please translate that into English.


Oh, that is English, sorry.  One of my closest new friends over here is British, so he does speak English, but it is different some times.

I found this article a few days ago and it inspired me to note some of the interesting words I learned.


I started keeping a list in a small notebook I carry around in my pocket.  I’m a nerd, I know it.










So here’s my list:


Not only are their different words used between British and American English, here in Saudi Arabia they also refer to things differently.  A regular non diet Pepsi is a “Pepsi Normal”.  A diet Pepsi is “Pepsi Free”.  You also have to order “Water Normal” if you don’t want sparkling water.

There are also some interestingly different “normal” products over here.  Paperclips.  Did you know they look different?  Well, I do now.  Take a look.  My paperclip from home vs. a paperclip I was given here.










Now, something very different.  The potty.  You have to be mindful of what stall you walk into when wanting to use the facilities.  If you’re not careful, you may end up with a squatty potty.










Though I have heard squatty potties are better for your system.  I haven’t attempted to use one yet.  I don’t think I will until I have no other alternative.  I can just imagine it now.  Pants around my ankles trying to hit that small hole in the ground and I fall over on my backside like an idiot.  “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”


8 thoughts on “Please translate that into English.

  1. I love these things. So glad you’re getting to experience it first-hand. 🙂

    When Ruthie and I became roommates in college, I had to adjust to her lingo for everything. Sneakers were runners; sweaters were jumpers; supper was tea; trash can was rubbish bin. My personal favorite was “wonky” which is an appropriate word for so many things! And then you have the Aussie slang on top of the Britishisms. They shorten everything, don’t they? “Arvo” (sounds like ah-voe) for “afternoon” and “brekky” for breakfast… gosh, they sound silly to type them out, but it’s easy to get into the habit of using them! J still asks me what I want for “brekky” on the weekends.

    Um, squatty potty? No thanks!

    Keep ’em coming!

  2. Just want to confirm that you are indeed a nerd but at least your notebook fits in your pocket rather than carrying a clip board. Br Ask your British friend for a plaster and see what he gives you. Love you!

    • Yes, I am a nerd and yes, i do carry the notepad in my shirt pocket. But no pocket protector.

      Next time I get a papercut i will ask for a plaster. 🙂

  3. I love these things too! I can’t wait to join the fun.

  4. see if you can find a ‘fanny pack’ for sale…

    • There are a few guys I have seen wearing what we’d call a “fanny pack”. I’ll have to ask him what he calls it. Wouldn’t want to offend the british sensibilities with obscene references. He He He…

  5. ooo squatty potty!!!! Atleast you have an option when I went to India we didn’t always have a different option 🙂

    • I remember your trip to India. I am sure at some point on our journey over here, we will face the same thing and have to brave the squatty potty. 🙂

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