wherever you go

Happy Sunday…


Hi.  Good morning all.  Today, as with most Sundays, many of my friends and family are attending church, worshipping together, hearing a pastor give a sermon, and fellowshipping together.

The call to prayer just went off and here I sit at my desk.  Working.

But I feel close to you, I feel happy, I rejoice, I praise, I worship.  Because God knows no boundaries, knows no limits.  No matter where I am, He is.

I put my headphones in and worship.  I pray.  I think of you all.  I pray that you would find God wherever you are and in whatever experience you are going through.


3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday…

  1. Blessings and peace to you too. Our message this morning was on the unity of the Body. So comforting to know that whereever we are, He is. love you

  2. I know Stephen appreciates your love and prayers! It’s good to know those ‘blessings and peace’ can travel instantly to where he is.

  3. Yes, It is always good to be reminded..

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