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On Sundays I look at my calendar, see what’s coming up, and update things.  Today I looked at November, and there’s a lot going on! Daylight savings, Myka’s birthday, a week at my Aunt’s, Thanksgiving at my mom’s, a visit from my Aunt and cousin from Alabama, a trip with them to Sight and Sound.  Yay! I am incredibly excited for every one of these events! Oh, except daylight savings.  I mostly put that on there to remind myself that it’s coming.  Dark at 5:00?! I’m not a fan. There is that extra hour of sleep though!  But all of those other events help the time go quickly, which is lovely. Have you heard the phrase “the days go slowly, the years go fast”?  The more things I have written in my calendar the faster these days go by.
And, hey… Have you heard about the storm that’s coming?!  Haha.. I love storms, but I’ll be praying that nothing is damaged and everyone stays safe.


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  1. We can’t wait to spend some time with you.

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