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A Passport Full of Memories

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I was told this week that there are two types of people that come to work in Saudi Arabia, those who are looking for adventure and those who are running from something.  I have met quite a few people in both categories in the four weeks I have been here.

I have met a man who goes scuba diving almost every weekend and drove across the country through the desert last weekend so he could explore the Red Sea.

I have met a few guys that have nowhere else to go.  Guys that have been laid off in the states and this was the only job they could find.  They have family with medical issues that need paid for.  Grown kids that have moved back home.  Tax bills that haven’t been paid in 4 years.

There are guys that have filled their passports with visas and entry stamps from all over the world.  Guys that have filled 48 pages in 5 years. 

Guys that have worked in Iraq. Guys that have had to take armored cars to work every day.  Guys that have driven armored cars 3 hours just to go to Taco Bell.  Guys that have negotiated contracts with tribesmen through 2 translators.

And the list goes on…

So, I sit back and think, which category am I in?

I hope I am looking for adventure.  I don’t want to be running from anything.

When it comes time to go back home and settle down, I want a passport full of memories.  I want to be able to sit down with my friends and family and tell them of all the amazing sites around the world.  I want to describe the local foods that we ate.  Tell them of the restaurants where we sat on the floor and ate with our hands.  Tell them of the local people we met that were just so hospitable it was like you knew them for years.

Kelsie had an amazing idea.  Travel Journals…  We bought each kid a small notebook that we will journal about all the places we have gone.  Some great friends have already written things down for the kids.  We will continue to ask people we meet along the journey to write a little note to the kids.

What are you running from?  Where have your adventures taken you? 

We want to remember…  We don’t want to forget…



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