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Today is an important day.


Today my daughter celebrates her 3rd birthday.  I unfortunately won’t be there to participate in person.

My daughter Myka is quite a wonderful young lady so I though I’d write a little about her.







Photo of Myka courtesy of Melissa McGuire.

Myka was born November 6, 2009.  The day before Kelsie went to the doctor to get her weekly checkup and the exam went just fine.  For the remainder of the day Kelsie felt slight contractions but wasn’t too alarmed, our doula said they would probably go away.  At 9pm, it was my normal bed time and I told Kelsie “I better go to bed, if these contractions are not real, I’m going to need my sleep for work in the morning.”  Around 1 am Kelsie flicked on the light of our bedroom and said, “you better help me here!”  I had no idea what was going on.  Apparently she had been laboring alone for 4 hours and was pretty sure the contractions were real.  We called the doctor and he said to go to the hospital.  We did.  We lived about 7 minutes away from the hospital and Kelsie had 1 contraction in the parking lot of our apartment complex, 2 in the car, 1 more in the hospital parking lot, and 1 on the way up to the maternity ward.

Needless to say, those labor pains were the real deal and Myka was born 4 hours later.

She was a happy, healthy newborn who loved to sleep right from the start.  Kelsie often had to wake her to feed her and she never was a big eater.

She loves to smile and giggle at just about everything.  Often making eye contact with strangers and reacting to the world around her. As she grew, her personality was the first thing to develop.  She has never been a big little girl, I have a feeling she’ll take after her parents and be petite, but her personality is larger than life.  She will talk to just about anybody, she has told countless store clerks that her grandparents live in Pennsylvania and we are moving to Saudi Arabia.  She will look you square in the face when you ask her to do something and tell you “no”.  When given two option on what to eat for lunch, she’ll suggest a third option, then not eat anything.  She will talk for 3 hours straight on a road trip from Portland to home, no matter if people are talking to her or not.  I once told my Dad that Myka’s personality was much like my younger sister’s was, precocious, inquisitive, conversational, and argumentative.  He told me I couldn’t escape the blame for that, she was just like me when I was a toddler. 

She would watch our chocolate labrador retriever, Madison, with great focus.  Her first word was “dog”.  That poor dog, she did a wonderful job putting up with the new creature that invaded her once quiet space. 

Myka’s love for books started at a young age.  She was always looking at pictures and opening books and magazines whenever she could.  No matter what you were doing, she would always want to have books read to her.  I remember, one afternoon I was tired and didn’t want to do anything but rest on the couch.  She came over to me with a book and I couldn’t tell her no.  She crawled up onto the couch in front of me and I read her the book.  She hopped down and trotted off with the book in hand, soon to return with another book to read.  This cycle went on until we read all the books on her bookshelf.

Once we discovered she was going to be a big sister and have a little brother, she quickly figured out that inside Mommy’s belly was her new sibling.  She’s a wonderful big sister.  From the first time she met Emery, she wanted to hold him.  She would often want up on the changing table to help change diapers.  We would often find her in his crib “helping” to calm him down if he was crying. 

Myka loves telling you all about her friends and her life.  EVERY time we’d put on her hand-me-down shoes or clothes from a friend she would exclaim, “these are from Lorelia, she’s my friend!!!”  Some of her favorite people in the world were our roommates, Jess and Courtney, and the countless teenagers and pastors from church.  She knew most of them by name.

Though we didn’t live close to many of our extended family she fell in love with all her Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles from all over the country all thanks to Skype.  She would peek around the laptop screen from behind in order to sneak up on Grandma or Grandpa with a giggle and loads of laughter.

I always thought it was wonderful to come home to be greeted by my excited happy puppy, but even better than that is being greated by my daughter who exclaims, “DADDY’S HOME!!!”

Myka, you have taught me lots in these three years.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for being a wonderful, strong, smart young lady.  I know God has a great life in store for you, He formed you and created you with a purpose.  I am looking forward to being a part of process.

I love you.


6 thoughts on “Today is an important day.

  1. Ahem, argumentative? I don’t know what you’re talking about… 🙂

    Lovely post, Stephen! So sweet.

    That little one is sure a character!

  2. Sweet!!!! You have captured her essence!!!! oxoxoxo

  3. Happy, happy birthday to Myka from all of us…….but especially from Malachi. (He got very excited when I told him that it was Myka’s birthday today, shouting, “Happy Birfday, Myka!”) We love and miss all of you. Thanks for keeping the blog updated…. I love hearing about everything you are experiencing!

    • You all should skype or FaceTime some time soon. I am sure Myka and Malachi would have fun.

      Apparently, last night at Myka’s birthday dinner, they all sang “happy birthday” but Myka didn’t like them singing to her, she wanted to sing to Emery instead.

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