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non sequitur

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I had to look it up…

non sequitur : Latin, it does not follow

My sister and I had been emailing back and forth regarding the earthquake that recently occurred in her corner of the country, she didn’t notice it even happened, and then I asked her what her blood type was.

Her response was “and the winner for non sequitur is”.  I understood what she was trying to say, but wasn’t exactly sure what those strange latin words meant.  In modern slang it would translate into “random”, as in “well, that’s random”.

She inspired a blog post, I had a few small things I wanted to write about but they didn’t fit together in any way and they weren’t big enough to write an entire post.

So… here I go.


Blood Type – I just learned yesterday, I am O+.  So I proceeded to ask the blood types of the rest of my family.  Apparently, my mom and I have the same blood type and my dad and sister match each other as well.  Interesting how genetics works.  My wife and I don’t have the same blood type so I wonder what my kids blood types are.

I googled blood types and found this little article.  http://chapters.redcross.org/br/northernohio/info/bloodtype.html  This ends my knowledge of blood types.

I learned my blood type because I have been asked a few times.  It’s apparently on just about every form of identification I have over here.  It’s on my iqama and it’s on my driver’s license, I wonder if it’s on my visa, probably.  My sister thought it was a little strange that it was noted on these documents, stating it seems to be a little Big-Brother-Esque.  I just figured they noted it all those places incase you got shot or got in a car accident or they just needed to find people to donate blood it was easy to determine ones blood type.  A friend of mine said when he went in for his medical test for his driver’s licence the man at the clinic begged him to donate a pint of blood because they were low and he had a women coming in later that needed his blood….    maybe she was a shiny vampire under her abaya?

Any way… non sequitur #2

Steps – I was down the steps in front of the office building today and was reminded how I almost fell flat on my face going up the step on one of my first days here.  Why did I almost fall down?  Because the steps are a strange height.  Now, I haven’t taken my ruler over to the stair well and measured, but I am pretty sure they are not the standard height of 7 – 8 inches

I have absolutely no idea why the steps are not as tall as I am used to, but I have a guess.  Thobes and Abayas.  Since men and women here in Saudi Arabia wear these interesting fashions, they don’t have as much of a range of motion of their legs.  So they can’t step up taller steps.


Diggers – Just about every morning as we fly down the highway trying to avoid all the crazy drivers over here, we pass a digger.  Yes, a digger on the highway.  I have come to the conclusion that this guy drives his digger to and from work everyday.  Now, I don’t know this for sure, I can’t see the guys face to tell if it’s the same person or not, because he has his face covered with a scarf, but how many guys would be driving their digger down the highway?  We see him regularly enough that today, when we didn’t see him, we wondered where he was and hoped that he was OK.  Maybe he just overslept or got caught in traffic.


One thought on “non sequitur

  1. You’re funny. I had to look it up, too, after I typed it to be sure it meant what I thought it meant. 🙂 I think there’s a comic strip called ‘Non Sequitur.’

    Anyway, you’re probably right about the blood type reasoning, but it still seems odd to me, someone who lives in the land of personal privacy to the umpteenth degree.

    Also, you use a lot of ‘tags’ on your posts. They make me smile.

    Love you.

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