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Hopefully you’ve read all about my wonderful accommodations over here in my sweet little neighborhood called a compound.

One of the nicest things about living in this compound are the people who work there.  They are super nice.  Obviously, they are all men.  Only men work here in Saudi.  Most of them are from the Philippines. 

Two of the best luxuries I have are housekeeping and laundry. 

For 6 out of the seven days, a houseboy comes and cleans my tiny little studio apartment.

I leave my house looking like this…















And when I get back home, it looks like this…















He washes all the dishes, cleans the kitchen and bathroom, sweeps, and makes the bed.  Absolutely wonderful.  All included in my stay.  I leave him a tip each week because I am always pleased with the service and quality.

Then each week I stuff all my dirty clothes into a laundry bag and write up a list of how many items are inside and I take it over to the small laundry inside the compound.  There is a very nice Indian man that runs the laundry and in two days I come back to fetch my clothes.  A weeks worth of laundry costs be about 33 Saudi Arabian Riyals ($8.80 USD) and I give him a nice tip for his good service.

All my clothes are nicely pressed and folded are ready to be put away.








I appreciate these services.


5 thoughts on “Luxuries.

  1. Will you still have a ‘house helper’ when your family arrives? And I don’t mean KELSIE??!!!!!

  2. Yes, we will be able to hire a houseboy at our expense. I plan on doing so. That way Kelsie can focus on the kids. We will have a washer and dryer in our villa so we can do our own laundry, but I may still use the service for my dress clothes so we don’t have to iron things. 🙂

  3. yeah…they are much better housekeepers than I am! haha!

  4. Happy Birthday, brudda!

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