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Thanksgiving at my mom’s = lots of family!  This year was special not only because I was able to be there but because both of my bothers were there plus their girlfriends!  I could shoot myself (In the foot.  I think I could recover from that. And no pun intended later in this sentence..) for not getting a photo with my mom and brothers.  I get so involved and distracted by what’s going on and talking to people that I forget to take pictures. Remind me not to do that.  Take more pictures.

On Sunday I visited my cousin’s church and the pastor had everyone go to the front and write something they were thankful for on pieces of paper which were then placed on a tree.  We also had to use a microphone to tell everyone what we were thankful for.  I was pushing me outside my comfort zone a bit.  haha..  I was thankful for my family, my support system.  I’m staying family, using their cars, being fed by people, they watch my children when I have appointments or even just to have some time to myself.  I know that no matter what happens I have family.  We could lose everything and would still have a home to come back to.  I am incredibly thankful for the love and help my family is giving me.

I’m also increasingly aware that my family isn’t perfect.  People don’t always get along or see things from the same perspective.  There are past hurts, current misunderstandings, issues people may never resolve.  There’s a balance between being accepting and having boundaries.

Knowing people for who they really are with all the mess and then loving them anyway is powerful and something that I want to give and show and live.  Even with family. But I’m still figuring out how I live that out and how those boundaries I talked about earlier fit into this ideal.

What do you think?  How do you live with family?  What does your family mean to you?

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One thought on “family

  1. Good Job. Nice post. I am very thankful for our families too.

    “We could lose everything and would still have a home to come back to.”

    So very true.

    My parents have taught me so much in how they have loved and cared for thier parents. Seeing my Mother care for my Grandmother, my Step-Mom care for her Mom, my Dad care for his Father, it’s truly inspiring.

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