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To wait or not to wait…

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Last night Stephen told me that the visas for the kids and I should be ready about December 19th.  December 19th!  That meant we might, it could be, there was a possibility that we could be together for Christmas! We would be together! Finally!

I dreamed about that for about 24 hours, figuring out ways to manage flying with two little children in tow.  Then I remembered all the other things that came with that choice.  It would not only mean me flying with the kids by myself, but also flying right at Christmas time, Stephen wouldn’t be here to see his family, and I wouldn’t get to go to Atlanta to see my brother.  So we’re waiting, but it feels better knowing that the first week in January I’ll get to see Stephen!  There are a lot of good things that come with waiting: Stephen has time to get the house ready for us and unpack things, I’ll have more time with family here, he will get to visit briefly, and we’ll be experiencing our journey there together.  There’s a peace and joy in this decision.  I’m happy.

Another perk of having a deadline – I’m getting some things crossed off my list!  Nothing like thinking about leaving in a week and a half to get you moving.  I needed that push and the clarity that this is happening, we are going to Saudi Arabia soon.

One of the things I crossed off is buying an abaya!  I picked this one:

Click to enlarge


I’ll be sure to try it on and post a picture when it gets here!

I also sent my engagement ring in to be repaired, figured out what we’re doing with our cell phones (which won’t work there), and realized that now is the time to buy anything I need to order online.  If I wait much longer  I’ll be leaving before it gets here!


One thought on “To wait or not to wait…

  1. I am glad you’ve decided and are happy about your decision. I can’t wait to get there and see you…

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