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Myka has been missing her Daddy.  She will say, “I want my Daddy.  I miss him,” with this little, pouty, sad face.

Break. My. Heart.

Then we talk about where daddy is and what he’s probably doing right now.  We remember that we’ll be going to see him soon and we’ll all live in Saudi Arabia.  At some point she goes off on a tangent.

“…and there’s a pool near our house in Saudi Arabia.”

“And I’ll go swimming! I have a swimming suit. I have three swimming suits. There’s a flower on my swimming suit.”

And everything is rosy again.  She can turn around so quickly sometimes.  She and Emery are really doing so well being away from Stephen and have adjusted so well to all the changes.  One more big one coming, kiddos!  We can do it!


One thought on “Myka

  1. Ohhh. How it breaks my heart. I miss you all so much too. I am glad we have facetime and skype so I can see you all everyday.

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