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I will keep you safe…


Safety is an important topic.  I think a lot about safety.  I start every meeting at work with a safety topic.  I have a personal commitment to safety posted on the wall beside my desk.  We have monthly meetings strictly dedicated to safety.  Attending these meetings is a part of my annual performance goals.  I have changed many of my personal habits at work and at home to be more focused on safety. 

I have regularly had to explain to people why I could risk taking my family to Saudi Arabia, a dangerous place.  In fact, the US State Department warns people regarding traveling to Saudi Arabia.


I feel very safe here in Saudi Arabia.

My daughter has started saying “I’m scared”  We usually explain to her that there is nothing to be afraid of.  Her fear is not necessary.  We are not exactly sure where this idea of fear has come from.

I read this article this morning.


I have prayed this prayer. 

I have made this promise.

This is in fact something that I can’t promise.  A promise I can’t keep.

I remember going to see the Mel Gibson movie “Ransom” with my Dad, Step-Mom, and Sister, back in the day.  If you don’t know, the plot basically revolves around a young boy being kidnapped and the father, played by Mel Gibson, trying to get his son back.

Because my family is weird, we had quite a few conversations about what we would do or how we should react in such a situation.  I am not sure where my Dad came up with the idea, but he had very specific instructions for what we should do if we were ever held at gunpoint or were kidnapped.

Once I got married and now have a wife that I care for and a family to keep safe, I have passed along those instructions to my wife and will probably do so to my children when they are old enough to understand.

Yet, this is something I cannot guarantee.  Safety. 

Why did this tragedy happen?  How can we prevent it from happening again?

More gun control laws?

Less violence on TV?

No violent video games?

Better mental health care?

The list goes on….

But there is nothing we can do.  There is only one reason this happened…


We live in a fallen and sinful world.  I can’t explain much more than that.

Will I stop promising my children I’ll keep them safe?


I will continue to pray for them and with them. 

I will try to lead them closer to God as my parent led me.

I will comfort them in the scary times.

I will prepare them for the scary times.

I will continue to pray for them and with them.


3 thoughts on “I will keep you safe…

  1. Good article, Stephen. I wrote a bit about Connectitcut, too: In the wake of this horror, everyone from atheists to pastors has asked “Where was God???” Here’s my attempt, however inadequate, to answer the question: http://bit.ly/12f6D2o

  2. Very good. And I will never stop praying for my children and grandchildren

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