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Single Lonely Guys


Last week my sister told me I needed to write a blog post about the Christmas party I hosted last week.  She writes a blog over at TexasSchmexas and it is all about community.  She gets her interest in community honestly, our parents were always hosting visitors in our house, whether it be for a social evening or as a place to stay for an extended time.  My wife and I also focus much of our lives around the concept of community, our last house we purchased was bought primarily due to its layout and ease of hosting people.

On Christmas day, I hosted the “First Annual Single Lonely Guys” Christmas Party.

This year I unfortunately was spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years’ and 3 birthdays 5,000 miles away from my family.  This did not stop me from celebrating.

My good friend David and I decided to host a party.  David lives in a small studio apartment and I just moved into my house so it’s full of boxes.  We needed to find a bigger place for the festivities, I am currently “cat sitting” for some friends who are back in the States for a couple weeks, so we used their house.  They have satellite TV with a DVR, I was able to record an NFL football game for us to watch.

I sent out invites to a few of the guys I knew would be around and asked them to forward it to anyone they knew.  I had no idea how many people, if any, would come and if no one showed up, David and I were going to have fun.

We got a count of about 10 people and stopped by the restaurant in our compound to ask them to bake a turkey for us.  No turkey.  L “so what can you make us for 10 people?”, we asked. 

We ended up with a platter of roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, veggies with cheese sauce, and an apple pie.  All for 250 SAR ($65 USD).  Not bad, especially with plenty of left overs.

We had a great time.  We had some new people show up.  Most of them I had never met before.  Some of them had just arrived in Saudi Arabia, some had been here for a couple years.

Community can be found EVERYWHERE.  When I came over here I wouldn’t have expected I would be hosting a party for a bunch of us “single lonely guys”.  It was absolutely worth the effort and work.  It gave us all a chance to share some fun stories of life here in the sandbox.  It made sure we weren’t at home alone on this wonderful holiday.  

We are planning on getting together for New Years.


3 thoughts on “Single Lonely Guys

  1. I love this! It’s even better than the brief version I got over Skype. I might link to this from Texas Schmexas at some point, once I myself get back to posting more regularly. By the way, when we were in Australia for our fall semester (over Thanksgiving) we could’t get turkeys either. I think there’s a reason why Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the USA. We’ve apparently got the corner on the market. 🙂 We ended up eating mini fryers or guinea fowl or something similarly turkey-ish-in-the-white-meat-sense.

    Good idea on the football game. Was it Steelers? 🙂 I guess it doesn’t matter which team–if your guests weren’t Americans, they might not have been interested, eh?

    Love you!

  2. Great post. love hearing the stories!

  3. I always read your blog to Uncle Larry and we both enjoy them so much! This was def a great idea and a ministry of it’s own! God has a way of using you “wherever you go!!” Can’t wait to see you next week!! Hugs and Kisses! Aunt Diana

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