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Our first couple days here have been been fun and interesting!  Here are some photos and things that have been going on:

blog - airport

At the airport we let the kids run off some of their energy.  Thank you Grandma Gail for running with them! Emery was SO happy to be able to move around, and Myka hid behind those poles to the left and played hide and seek.  She still has some room for improvement when it comes to hiding.

blog - traveling    blog - traveling 2

The kids did pretty well on the plane.  Myka is easily entertained, but Emery just wants to go.  Myka didn’t seem to be able to get comfortable while sleeping and would suddenly whine and kick and stick her legs in the aisle. I kept having to push her legs back onto her seat.

blog - time change 2    blog - time change

Changing time zones wasn’t really a big deal when we were going from Washington to Pennsylvania.  Three hours.  Eh.  We could handle that.  Eight hours on top of about eighteen hours of travel has Not been so simple. The kids want to eat at 2:00am because it feels like dinner time.  But it is getting better!  They have adjusted really well to being in a new place, though.  They play, they fight, we eat snacks: it feels pretty normal.

blog - milk    blog - bread shapes 2    blog - bread shapes

Speaking of snacks…

The strangest food we’ve dealt with so far has been milk.  I mean “milk.”  This was the only milk at our compound’s store and it says ‘real cows milk’ on the label, but something was definitely off.  It smells like plain yogurt.  Thanks to my Uncle Steve, who lives in the middle east, we now know that this is Laban.  It says that on the label too; I just thought it was another word for milk, silly me.  He informed us that it is like buttermilk.  We’ll make some pancakes.

We struggle to get Myka to eat enough, so I’m being more creative in my meal prep or presentation.  Here we have a heart shaped tuna melt and fish shaped pieces of toast.  She gobbled those fishes down! And while she didn’t eat the tuna melt she did eat six or seven bites of tuna salad.  I’ll take that!  Yay for cookie cutters and our first lunch in our new home!

blog - entertainment

The entertainment for today: watching the laundry in the washing machine! It seems that only hot water is going into the washer.  Stephen will have to figure that out.  We also went for a walk today and it was surprisingly nice out! It was a little chilly when Stephen was giving us a tour of the compound the other evening. I could have used a jacket.  But today I went back inside and changed from a sweater to a t-shirt. I wonder how warm it was.  A quick check with my friend Google shows that the high today was 64F.  And it’s winter here, just so you know. Our compound isn’t very big, and Stephen did show me how to get around the other day, but I still couldn’t figure out where I was during our walk.  The streets and sidewalks are windy and completely unorganized, and the house numbers are in no particular order. A friend who lives here said it was like a ‘drunken camel’ assigned the house numbers.  But a camel wouldn’t be drunk here.  Alcohol is illegal, you know.

If you have made it through this rambling post – Congratulations!  You win a non-drunken camel and 2 litters of laban!! They will arrive in 6-8 weeks.  Now that the kids and I are here, I’ll be posting more often. And hopefully that will help my writing be a little more focused.  Thanks for reading and visit again soon!


7 thoughts on “beginning

  1. I love your ramblings!! Thanks to you and Stephen for writing this blog. You know how to do ‘adventure’ well! I look forward to receiving my camel and laban. Would you please stick a Myka and Emery in that package too? I sure miss your visits!!

    • Yes, the camel will keep them warm and they will have enough to drink for the journey. They’d probably enjoy that about as much as they did the plane ride. 🙂 We have a spare room, come visit anytime.

    • thank you, mom! Your camel and laban have been shipped. 😉 We need to facetime soon!!

  2. I love your ramblings too, and will read them every day if you post them daily.

  3. Hey there. You should make some soda bread with that laban-buttermilk-stuff. It’s super easy. I make it all the time because it is a fresh bread that is done in less than an hour from when you start it and it takes no yeast (because ‘soda’ is the leavening agent, hence the name). Have you made it before?

    Here’s a quick version. 3 and 3/4 cup of flour. 1 t salt. 1 t baking soda. 2 cup buttermilk. mix until dough forms. knead it with as much flour as you need for it not to be super sticky. pat into ball, squash until it’s about 1.5 or 2 inches thick. Slide onto oiled baking tray. Slice a big ‘X’ in it with a knife, almost the whole way through it, so that it expands as it bakes. Bake at 425 for a little while (maybe 10 minutes) and then lower temp to 400 and bake until finished, maybe 10 or so more minutes. I am not very precise in my baking, though, and I usually try to underbake it so it isn’t too dried out. I also tend to make mini loaves by using smaller balls (hehe) and then squashing them, in which case I bake it at a slightly lower temp for only about 10 or 15 minutes total and don’t mess with the temperature adjustment, which is just an annoyance for me.

    I am serious–if you remember to preheat your oven, it’s like a half hour from start to finish.

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