wherever you go



well, kinda.

I have emptied all our moving boxes!  Now, if only that meant everything was actually put away.  Hahahaha!

But I am making progress, and it’s really nice to have the boxes out of the house.  They are all on our little porch waiting to be turned into a play house.  Yay!  Stephen has big plans for this building project.  I’m excited!

Most of the time I was happy to see the things I was unpacking.  “I’m so glad I packed this fabric” or “Yes! Towels!” for example.  But there are a couple items that make me wonder what I was thinking when I decided to ship it to Saudi Arabia.


This jar of coins for example.  I’m pretty sure the thought process was that it’s been with us forever – it started as a wedding fund jar – but really?!  This was 10 pounds that could have been used for something more useful.


And how much am I going to can?  I guess we’ll see if these come in handy.  They might.

On another topic, we have gone to the little store here in our compound (remember the laban…) and now the store at a neighboring compound too.


These are the items I purchased at the neighboring compound. The big, important item: milk.  REAL MILK.  It tastes just fine. Now I can have cereal!  There’s a good selection between the two stores, and I’m not worried about not being able to pick something up if I need to.


A cat has found us. She has already been adopted and has a home waiting for her, but her new owner is away on leave right now.  We want the cat to stick around, so we’ll have to keep feeding it.

One more tidbit for today:

pull tab

My pepsi has a pull tab. 🙂


2 thoughts on “done!

  1. I love the updates! A window into your lives!

  2. Glad you are able to have milk with your cereal again

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