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My first car ride in Saudi Arabia


first car ride

Stephen has a rental car for three weeks! We went to two grocery stores today.  That’s all we do, isn’t it? go to grocery stores.. haha!  No, we also went to a hardware/miscellaneous stuff store.

The weekend here is Thursday and Friday, so today is like a Saturday.  But because locals sleep in and stay up late, it was really quiet out on the roads this morning.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad tonight either.  Stephen is a great driver.  It is my responsibility as the passenger to keep a lookout and alert the driver to any threats.  This is really important because the driving here is crazy.  I’m glad we’ll be buying a larger vehicle.


Here is what we purchased at the grocery stores.  This all cost about SR210 which is about $56.  I don’t think we’ll have any trouble getting the foods we normally use.  Except brown sugar.  The bag we bought was the only one there, it was with a different kind of sugar, and I didn’t see any at the second store we went to.  Obviously if there was one there should be more, so we’ll look again next time.

look Gail!

I took this picture specifically for Gail.  Look what they have here!  You’d feel right at home.  🙂  They really do have lots of things, just at higher prices than they would be in the US.

walk1    walk2    walk3

We went for a walk yesterday.  We went over to our friends house after dinner.  Sometime during the hour we were there our wagon was ‘borrowed’ again.  It first went missing during the week Stephen was away.  It was in our enclosed but unlocked porch.  This time it was just outside our friends’ place.  Anyway, it was found behind some bushes.  We bought a lock today!  Hopefully we can keep our wagon from now on.

It’s good to already have friends here.  We went out to lunch – had a group of nine all together.  It makes me happy that we can do things like that and enjoy normal things.   It was a great day of errands, friends, naps, and time together as a family.


4 thoughts on “My first car ride in Saudi Arabia

  1. I love the picture of your walk to see more about your neighborhood!

    • We need to hire someone to be our paparazzi for the day so we can get some pictures for a “day in the life” blog post. Kelsie also did take some pictures of buildings on our drive. She’ll have to blog about that too.

  2. Oh so very kind of you to think about me as you were shopping. How did you know I like that? Ok, never mind. You may have seen an empty bottle or two at the house. I miss you seeing you but am so happy you are all together again. Yes, we still blame you for many things just because we love you so.

    • As soon as we walked into the grocery store that is known to have “expat food”, ie food from UK or USA, Kelsie says, “we need to look to see if they have Gail’s creamer and take a picture for her”. Sure enough, they did.

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