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One Day Weekend.


I have a strange work schedule.  I work 5 days one week with a 2 day weekend, then I work 6 days the next week with 1 day off.  I work from 7am until 6pm each day.

Try to run all errands and go grocery shopping in a country that closes everything 5 times a day for prayer, life gets a little complicated.

On Fridays, the muslim holy day of the week, stores don’t open until 4pm.

Yesterday, was my one day off for the week.  I had promised Kelsie I would get up with Emery if he fussed super early.  Sure enough, 4am.  I went over to his room and calmed him down.  After trying to put him back in his crib twice, I took him out to the living room to sleep on my chest with me.  It was great.  I love being able to snuggle with my little guy.  At 7am, like clockwork, he popped his head up all happy and smiley, hungry.  I took him back to Kelsie to get his morning breakfast snack and I went back to bed.  Kelse was wonderful and let me sleep for a little bit.

Eventually we were all up and awake and having a grand day off.  After naptime we decided to run some errands and go grocery shopping.  We left the house at 330pm so we would arrive when the stores just opened.  Kelsie needed a new hair dryer and hair straightener…  220volts.

4PM the store opened and along with the rest of the crowd waiting to go in, we started our shopping.  Once we finished our shopping, Myka decided she was hungry and wanted chicken nuggets.  McDonalds.  Family section.  Apparently, all the other families around here wanted chicken nuggets too.  Kelsie eventually found a booth, they all have curtains for family privacy, and I finally got our food.  Just as we were leaving I heard the call to prayer, time to wait again.

We headed over to our other destination and waited for the stores to open back up…  Soon enough it was time for grocery shopping.  We were halfway through our list and they started turning off the lights in the store.  Preparing for the next call to prayer.  I took the kids and stood in the long line at the checkout stand and Kelsie went back to find a few last minute items.

How are we ever supposed to get all our shopping done when we keep getting interupted? 

We are not sure, but we have enough groceries to last us until then.  🙂


2 thoughts on “One Day Weekend.

  1. Wow, that is a lot different than in Kuwait. The major stores will not close during prayer time. They do not seem to close much at all there. I guess that is just one of the many differences between Kuwait and Saudi. Here in Afghanistan it is hard for us to do any business on Fridays as everything outside the bases shut down then.

    • It is interesting how the various countries here handle prayer times differently. Last Friday we did some shopping on Friday. The stores do not open until 4:00 and then there is a prayer time at about 5:30-6:00 and again at 7:30-8:00. We managed pretty well but did get stuck in Ikea for an extra 40 minutes! There are worse places to be stuck. 🙂

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