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February 4th! Already?

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Goodness, it’s the Fourth??!  Well, hello February!

I haven’t been on the computer much this week.  I’ve been using it as a television instead.  We have the laptop connected to our tv and watch netflix or hulu.  Emery wasn’t sleeping well which means I wasn’t sleeping well either, so I would find a cartoon to have on in the morning while I rested on the couch and the kids played.  And I was also knitting a washcloth (just for fun, I was curious if I’d like it), so I would watch something in the afternoon while I worked on it.  I find it nice and relaxing to sit, watch tv, and knit.  I can sit and watch a show but also get something accomplished!  How great is that!  Haha!

But if I ever want to read emails, write any blog posts, or figure out what I want to do during our first R&R, I need to use my computer as a computer.

Did you catch that little bit about our FIRST R&R?!!  We don’t have anything booked yet because Myka, Emery, and I need our residency ID cards and visas to get out and back into the country.  Details, details… But we’re working on it!  I’m so excited! I’ll have more about that soon, but here’s a picture.

I. Can’t. Wait.

But right now Myka and I need to clean up a bit and then make some cookies.


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