wherever you go



Just some moments I want to remember:


Myka – Can I cut paper with scissors?

Me – Maybe at quiet time.

Myka – Will you put Emery to bed? I think it’s nap time.

Me – No. We haven’t even had lunch yet.



Myka – Momma, you are my best momma!



While playing house:

Myka – We have children.

Me – How many?

Myka – four.

Me – Oh!  What are their names?

Myka – Sandy, Sod, and Sword

Me – ……ok.  And the fourth one?

Myka – Sahdi, the baby.

I’m not really sure I’m spelling that correctly.




3 thoughts on “Myka

  1. watch those scissors! Yes, she is a sharp little lady. You handle her well.

  2. Sandy? Really? 😘 Love that girl!

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