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Are your ink pads within reach of little fingers?  Surely not.  It cleaned up quite well, except for the walls.  For some reason it soaked right into the paint and it is now a shade of pink.  Oh well.  They’ll just paint over it when we move out.

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He’s a turtle! A happy turtle.


Myka at our front door.


This is how I mopped one day – with Emery in the wrap.  Other times I have gated Myka and Emery in their room, but he cries almost the whole time.  I’m not sure which is worse: a screaming/crying child, or carrying an extra 30lbs while mopping.  At least this way I get some extra exercise!

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It rained one day.  Rain seems so special here. Huge puddles form and last for days because there is no drainage system and the roads are not sloped to move water to the shoulder.  Two kids were riding their bike and scooter through a particularly large puddle.  I’m not sure I’ll let my kids do that here.

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Cookies, garlic, and a pomegranate.  Not eaten at the same time…  The pomegranate was so messy, but fun! It looked like a crime scene with the juice splattered all over the counter and wall.  Emery loved the seeds.  I made some butter cookies because we missed making them at Christmas – a tradition we have.  Better late than never, and they are so yummy.


These were the groceries I bought at Lulu, a grocery store in Khobar.  I will have to go again soon; I’m looking forward to more pita chips!  They were delicious!  And I can’t find them anywhere else.)  The compound bus goes on Saturdays, so maybe next week we’ll make that trip.

image[3] (2)

He is going to be great at pie eating contests.  (Excuse the finger in the photo; I had to be quick.)  Silly boy.

image[2] (2) image[1] (2)

Myka was begging to use the vacuum.  Team work!  While I’m vacuuming I have to move quickly enough to stay out of Emery’s reach.  It’s not easy.

image (2)

I love these kids.


5 thoughts on “Home…

  1. Great post! it is evident that you love the kids. We do too and love hearing about your lives. At the Sibs dinner last night, Aunt Diana again said how much she enjoyed the blog as she could follow your life. Thanks for the insights into daily living! Love all of you!!

  2. I love these random compendium posts. When I saw the photo of Emery in your Moby wrap, I thought, “gosh that’s a lot of weight to lug around!” and then I read what you wrote. Oh my goodness, is all I can say. You should look up how to use the Moby wrap to put your kid on your back and see if you can do that. It might be easier. (I watch these sorts of how-to videos on YouTube–there are tons of them, and lots of different ways to do it with the Moby.)

    Emery looks a bit like he’s in a zoo, what with the gate showing in the picture and it looking a bit like a cage. 🙂

    I love that Myka is vaccuuming. Is she over the whole noise thing? I thought she didn’t like the noise of the vaccuum.

    Did you take your cookie press to KSA?

    Love you guys and gals!

    • We have used the Moby wrap to put the kids on our backs, but it is pretty much a two person job.

    • That gate is up so that the children can’t come into the kitchen. For one thing, the oven isn’t really insulated and the door gets Very hot, but it’s also a bit of an escape for me sometimes. 🙂 So sometimes it is like a zoo, but I’m not sure who is in the cage. haha!
      This vacuum isn’t very noisy. She hasn’t minded it and will even turn it on. I really need to let them play with the vacuum more often..
      Yes! The cookie press is here. Priorities!
      Love you too Liz! Thank you for all your comments.

  3. Keep the pictures adn updates coming. I love reading them and seeing the pictures.

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