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Oops.  What a scary moment that must have been for the driver.  But they did just drive over a curb and into a ditch, so…

image[13] image[12]

I took these from inside a mall in Dhahran. We went to two malls about two weeks ago.  Tons of stores!  People really do like to shop here. If you would like to see a little bit about them, I’ve included links the their websites.



I was planning on adding to this post when I went to Lulu, a grocery store in Khobar, last Saturday.  But, alas, there were only two women on the bus, and the driver said there needed to be five in order to make the trip.  I was so disappointed.  I wanted Pita chips!  *sigh*  We’ll try again this Saturday and make more of a fuss if it happens again.

Even though the traffic and driving is crazy, I like going on these trips.  I want to have more photos of our trips. You’d think that having a phone that takes pictures would mean I actually take more pictures…


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