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A different culture


I’m so unobservant.

Yes, all the women are wearing abayas and almost all of them have their heads and faces covered.  Yes, the men wear thobes.  So? It’s what they wear. It doesn’t shock me.  And I’m unobservant enough to not really notice.  Why am I like that?

And how living in this different culture affects me:

I have to wear an abaya.  I can’t drive, so I can’t just go where I want when I want.  Well, I could, I would just have to pay someone to take me.  Like taco seasoning – I can buy it here it will just cost me $3 a pack.  Also, the prayer times restricts when you can do things.

Having sand everywhere all the time will annoy me more than having to wear an abaya when I go out.

If I covered my hair or my hair and my face, I would save so much time! Stephen who love that…oh, that could lead to a different conversation.. But, really, I’m all for wearing what I want, doing my hair.

As we experience more of this culture it will be interesting to see how our perspective changes. Hopefully, I’ll be aware enough to notice!


2 thoughts on “A different culture

  1. I love these glimpses into your life but I am glad I get to live in a little small town in America.

    • I’m glad you and others get to live in small towns in America, too! It means we always have a home to come back to or to visit. I’m looking forward to the day I get to come sit on your new porch with you.

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