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Grace and lent and loving our family


I finally figured what it is that I’m giving up for lent.  I’m late (nothing new there..haha..), but I’m not one that has to make resolutions on New Years Day.  Every day is a new beginning!

There were a couple blog posts that got me thinking and helped me actually make a decision.  The first one that got me thinking was written by my sister-in-law, Liz.  You can read what she wrote here:


I need to spend time letting God remind me about what is really important, letting Him change how I see things and respond to situations.  Lent isn’t about giving something up but about how giving something up changes you.  I’m giving up some sleep – something near and dear and very precious to me!  But I like how spending some time with God helps me respond with patience instead of frustration.  Because He responds to me with patience instead of frustration when I mess up time after time after time.

And then there’s this blog post:


And if you read both articles you will see a link, a pattern. Grace.  Grace, grace, amazing grace.  And that’s lent. The time preceding the ultimate moment of Grace.

So what started out as finding what I’m giving up for lent really turned into a reminder of grace and love and how we’re all family.  But isn’t that what the point was anyway?

There is this memory of a young boy we saw the other day that keeps coming back to me.  He was walking through the stopped traffic in a busy intersection tapping on windows.  Tap tap. Tap tap.  That’s all.  Just tapping.  And looking.  And it broke my heart to think of the kind of life this boy must be living to be sent to walk through traffic asking for money.

The picture I have of myself with empty hands and nothing to give needs to change because in reality I have so very very much.

I read an idea somewhere about putting bags together with some food and basic toiletries and keeping them in your car so that when you see someone who is homeless or asking for money or food you have something to give them.  You are ready and prepared.  I want to be ready, prepared, and willing to give to someone who needs it.  So I’m going to put some bags together and take some with me whenever I go out.

When I was first thinking about lent my goal was to be more generous, more giving.  More loving.

I like the direction I’m going.


6 thoughts on “Grace and lent and loving our family

  1. I always feel guilt ridden when i don’t have any cash on me for the beggars, I want to make sure I at least have a stash of cash for them from now on, and the food parcel idea is great!

    • Thanks for commenting, Jo! For me, it’s not enough to just have cash on me, but to have it easily accessible. If I have to hike up my abaya to get it out of my pocket, I probably won’t do it.

  2. Thanks Kelsie, I like the direction you are going too. :<) and I love the idea of a little bag of basics to give to someone in need. I think I may add a coupon to McDonalds too. Blessings and love to all, Stephen (Dad)

  3. I saw the idea for little bags of basic supplies & snacks on Pinterest about a month ago, and I’ve been meaning to put some together ever since. Thanks for the reminder! I like this idea so, so much. Miss you, my friend! But it sounds like you are doing well, and that makes me happy.

  4. Hey, Kels. You’re awesome. 🙂

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