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The 21st of each month is always a special day in our household.  You see, Kelsie and I started dating on May 21st and we got married on June 21st.  This year we will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and 13th year of being a couple.  Wow.. 

A few weeks ago I was talking to one of the corporate bigwigs that occasional visits this project.  He and I were discussing how my wife and family were transitioning to live here in Saudi Arabia.  I stated that I was very fortunate to have an easy going wife who is relaxed and acclimates quite well to the new places we go.

He told me a story.  He said that at one of the big company conferences our Big Boss, the company owner, was taking questions from the audience.  After all the usual questions of how the company was performing or where it was headed, a young engineer stood up to ask a question.  This young engineer said he just started working at our company and wanted to know what the Big Boss thought was the one most important aspect to career success.  Without missing a beat Big Boss said, “find the right spouse”.

There are lots of uncertainty in life, but there’s one thing I know for sure, I have found the right spouse.  She is the perfect match for me and I her.  She has been by my side and in my corner nonstop since we started this journey together.  She loves me unconditionally, cares for me no matter what.  She has been my friend through dark nights of despair and celebrated every victory.

She is my wife, my best friend, the mother of our children and a Godly young lady.

I love her more and more every day.


12 thoughts on “21st

  1. Both of you show that love too. I am happy to know my son found a good wife and the favor of the Lord Proverbs (18:22). And the sparkle in Kelsie’s eyes when she speak of you is a delight to me and proof of her love. Love you both and glad you are happy together!

  2. You and Kelsie make it so easy to be your parent, in-law, and grandparents to your children (well, you could live closer)! I love how you love each other, love your kids, and love the Lord! I know so many grandparents whose hearts are breaking for grandchildren who are not loved or cherished by their parents. As hard as it is to leave whenever I visit you, it is a joy to know how well you are parenting and enjoying your children and each other!! I am truly blessed to have Kelsie as a daughter and you as a son-in-law!!

  3. Beautiful note. It is so nice to see couples who truly love each other and their children. We love you all.

  4. No way, jose! Jonathan and I started dating on May 19 and got married on June 19.

    Almost kind of creepy.

    In other news, you two are so sweet.

    Not creepy at all.


    Love you guys.

  5. Love you guys!!!! We are so grateful that our kids each have found the perfect soul mates. God is so good!!! And you are wonderful examples of great parents.

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