wherever you go

Food, glorious food..


…hot sausage and mustard!  (anyone know what I’m singing? anyone?)

Anyway, here’s some food I’ve been making:


This was the last of the Reese’s Pieces I was given – specifically to be used in cookies.  I added some butter cookies and sent them to work with Stephen.


Pinterest!  I saw this idea on pinterest.  I put the grease from some ground beef (which was from New Zealand..) into a bowl lined with tin foil.  After it becomes solid, ball up the foil and throw away.

image[1]    image[2]

Another Pinterest find: pizza dough!  I thought it was really good, Stephen thought it was a little thick, and both children (even Emery!) absolutely Refused to eat it.   What was that all about?!  Glad that doesn’t happen often; I might develop a complex.  Next time I think I’ll split the dough in order to get a thinner crust.



These are the vegetables for our vegetarian/vegan dinner.  We had some friends over, one who is vegetarian and one who is vegan, and Stephen made an Amazing stir fry! It was so good!  Then we had vegan brownies and non-vegan mini apple pies.  Yum!

image[15]    image[16]

And I just made these banana muffins yesterday.  Half of those containers are empty already.  And both of my children ate them! and liked them!  my cooking has been redeemed!  Actually, this is baking.  My Cooking was redeemed when they ate and loved the noodles I fed them at lunch today (another pinterest recipe…crazy).

And I made these:

Because what is life without some peanut butter and chocolate every once in a while.  But no pictures.  I’m too busy eating it.



3 thoughts on “Food, glorious food..

  1. Food looks great! and yes, Oliver.

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