wherever you go

of cats and kids


Haha…Is anyone getting my literary allusions??

image[2] (3)

This is a Charlie in a Box.

image[3] (2)

And this is Charlie trying to steal my food.

image[9]    image (2)

They are moving right in, making themselves at home.

image[17]   image[1] (3)   image (3)

This is a very pregnant kitty that comes for food most days.  We have a box under a table for her.  Maybe maybe she’ll use it to have her babies and they won’t be under a bush somewhere.  She is a little scratched up.  She’s feisty and squabbles with any other cats that are nearby while she’s eating.  Poor thing.

And now…my babies..

image[1] (2)   image[2] (2)

Bahahahaha! This makes me laugh every time.  I’m sure he’ll appreciate these photos when he is older.


He was scooting backwards, feet first, under the gate.  And laughing.  Hahaha!

image[7]   image[4]   image[14]

I could just squeeze them!  They frequently remind me that they don’t Always get along, but they have these beautiful brother-sister moments.

image[13]   image[12]

This cupboard has been a favorite spot recently.

image[8]   image[5]   image[11]

Some fashion inspiration, a cute hair do, and cuddling.  Life is good.


And she’ll be the one who reads the map and navigates.

I love my children.


5 thoughts on “of cats and kids

  1. is Myka’s hair getting darker? (I still keep up with every post btws) Love you guys.

  2. I love you ALL!

  3. oh my goodness! I love these pictures! Emery looks so big!

    • We weighed the kids last weekend, Emery weighs 10.9 kilos and Myka weighs 11.5 kilos. That’s about 1 pound difference between the two of them. He is going to outgrow her very soon.

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