wherever you go

Once again I’m playing catch up…


But we’ve been having fun!

image[8] (2)

“Does this look like a headband?  Yeah. It looks like a headband.”

image   image[1]

Braids and winks.

image[10] (2)

Somehow he had No pajamas, so I put some of Myka’s leggings on him. Haha! How cute is he?!

image[9] (2)

I needed a nap one afternoon, and apparently Myka did too.  I woke from my nap to find this sleeping beauty beside me.

More pictures coming soon!


7 thoughts on “Once again I’m playing catch up…

  1. Your children are adorable. They look so much like you and your mom.

  2. Thanks so much for the facetime and photos!! Miss you all so much! The photos are so cute and yes, I like Emery’s pjs!! haha!

  3. Cute pics and I like that you “lead by example” too!

  4. I LOVE Myka’s braids! Sweet,sweet pictures.

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