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Our Valentine’s Day weekend!

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We went to a nice Chinese restaurant on Valenitines Day….with our two children and two other couples.  Haha!  We had a great time. The food was yummy, company delightful, and the restaurant was almost empty except for our group.   My favorite thing there: the ice tea/lemonade!  Sooooo good!

image[4]    image[5]

Just some photos from our drives:

image[2]    image[3]     image[6]

(Those bright orange lights are flames.)

We drove down to the Khobar, Dharan, Dammam area on Friday (that’s like a Sunday for most people), so there are more prayer times and stores didn’t open until 4:00.  We started our trip during nap time and got there before things opened, so we took a little walk.  We thought about going to the playground at the cornishe, but they were crazy busy.  It’s hard to take children to playgrounds — you Always have to leave at some point!  Do children ever want to leave a playground?!  Sometimes I can avoid a meltdown with a serious conversation that reminds Myka that we are going somewhere else that will also be fun or that good things will indeed happen in her life again, but I just didn’t want to deal with all that. Therefore: walk. We walked over a bridge and it provided a nice view of the buildings along the road and the cornishe.

image[3] (2)    image[1] (2)    image[2] (2)

image (2)

Love my boys!

image[8]    image[9]image[7]

It’s hard to see in the photo, but can you see the electric line disappearing into the distance?  The flatness of the landscape and straightness of the towers are amazing.


IKEA!!  I really like Ikea.  But this is where prayer time kinda messed up our plans. While shopping in Ikea we hear an announcement that we either need to check out in the next 10 minutes or wait until the registers reopen in 40 minutes, after prayer time.  The kids were starting to get pretty fussy. We headed toward the checkout only to end up second in line when they closed.  At least we could go and finish our shopping!  Stephen and I juggled crying children while finding fun things.  In the end, I’m glad we got to shop some more.  We wouldn’t have gotten these awesome cookie cutters if we had checked out earlier!

image[7] (2)

And do you see my bright orange slippers?! I got those at Ikea too. They are my house slippers.  I would wear them more if Emery didn’t steal them all the time. (I typed that last sentence with one hand because I was keeping my drink away from Emery.  Then I double spaced to put a period at the end.  Haha..just thought I’d share the full experience.)

image[5] (2)

Our shopping bags took over my kitchen for a bit.  It was nice to unpack and feel really good about our purchases.  Sometimes there’s an item (or two or three…) that I have second thoughts about, that I didn’t really need, or just bought spur of the moment.  I’m quite happy with the things we bought on this trip.  Shopping trip = Success!


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