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Today Myka, Emery and I took the bus to the grocery store and the mall.  It’s fun trip, I get some groceries, and Myka loves going to McDonalds at the mall.

This bus ride was a little more…dramatic….than others.  Just a slight amount of tension.  Someone was a little late getting back to the bus at the grocery store and her little boy was crying.  Other passengers were impatient to get to the mall and do their shopping there.  The bus was full.  Children were cranky (though not mine, thankfully).  It all just made the trip a little more interesting than usual.

But what was more interesting was a little conversation I had with a girl at McDonalds.  She was a teenager and was with a little girl in the play area in McDonalds.  I was watching Myka, Emery, and a friend’s little girl.  The teenager didn’t speak much English, but said, “America?” and I said yes and smiled.  In bits and pieces she said the kids were beautiful, that we were lucky to be from America, and asked the kids names and if they were siblings.  After a pause she said, “Muslim?”  That’s a new question. I said no.  “Christian?” I said yes and smiled.  That hasn’t come up before.  Right after that I was called to get my food, and when I came back she wasn’t there anymore.

New experiences everyday!

I should really learn some Arabic.


One thought on ““Christian?”

  1. I think we need to invest in Rosetta Stone and all learn some arabic together. That would be a fun family activity, right?

    I am so glad you like this adventure.

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