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It’s quiet. I’m (almost) alone.  Emery is napping, and Stephen took Myka to the pool.  It’s her first trip, and while I’m disappointed to not be joining in the fun I’m content to have some time to myself.

This morning we slowly got up and ready and then went out for lunch with some friends.  The children were well behaved, and the food was delicious.  What more could you want?!  Haha..  We even played on the playground right outside the restaurant before lunch and stopped for cheesecake afterwards.  It has been a Lovely Thursday so far!

The restaurant we went to is called the Streakhouse.  I really like their food, and most of the time the customer service is very good.  They have these bread sticks that are sprinkled with garlic salt or garlic and salt or something, and they are so good I just keep nibbling on them the whole time we are there.  We should go back soon.  *hint hint*

My belly is full and now the question is – Do I do anything productive with my quiet time or do I just read and watch tv?   My money is on the second option…


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  1. Always take the advantage of quiet time to do what YOU enjoy most!

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