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Helping the local economy.


Now that we have settled into our nice little home, Kelsie  has hired a housekeeper.  He comes over to our place twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, about 6pm and cleans our entire little house.  When I say clean, it means he does more than I ever would when cleaning.  He first sweeps everything up, then he moves furniture and mops, then puts back the furniture, makes the beds, scrubs the bathrooms, and washes any dirty dishes.  Last night he also insisted that we show him how to run the dishwasher so he can run it and put all the dishes away.  On Fridays he also irons any of my clothes for work that need it.  The reason he comes over in the evening is because he has a full-time job, he’s one of the housekeepers in our compound.  He cleans the single guys quarters.  The evening work is his side hustle, his extra work.  Rumor has it that the guys who work in the compound only make a couple hundred SAR (Saudi Arabia Riyals) a month.  He charges us 80SAR a week to clean.  That comes out to about $20.  We give him extra because he does a great job and he’s super nice and we can afford it.

Now that I have finally purchased my car, I hired a car washer.  There are guys who wash cars in the parking lot at the office building.  My buddy uses one of the guys to wash his car and I decided to use him too.  He typically charges 75SAR a month to wash the vehicle, but washes it just about every other day.  That’s not enough money for all that work, so we give him more than that.

There is a local organization that helps take care of the local stray cat population.  They help pay to get strays spayed and neutered.  This organization has requested that we perform some fundraising activities to help raise money for their efforts.  They suggested that we try and sell doughnuts in the office to raise money.

On every floor in the office building is a small tea cart.  At each tea cart is a gentleman that serves tea, coffee, candy, soda, and various snacks.  He’s a human vending machine.  The gentleman on my floor is very nice.  He asks about guys when he doesn’t see them for a few days, they’re usually on vacation.  He remembers my order.  And he stores my leftovers from lunch in his cooler so they don’t go bad.  I always tip him well and give him money simply for storing my food.

If we were to do such a fundraiser, we’d be taking money away from the local tea guys.  And though I love animals,  helping people is more important.

All these hardworking people need the money.  They are supporting wives, children, parents, and extended family all over the world. 

We used to “adopt” or sponsor a child through World Vision or Compassion International, now we’ve adopted a couple families somewhere.  We generously tip, generously help, and thank all these wonderful people profusely for all the hard work they are doing.  I always try to look them in the eye, shake their hands, and let them know who they are and what they do is important.


3 thoughts on “Helping the local economy.

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Most people don’t understand this concept as it is so foreign to us in the USA, I remember Eric Nehrt saying that when they went as missionaries to the Philippines, they decided they were not going to use the local help but take care of their own house. But their coworkers explained that it made them look selfish by not sharing with the local help.

    Yes, you are getting a service and you are not paying enough by OUR standards but it is truly a blessing to them when you hire them and treat them well also.

  2. I’m honored to know you guys. And I’m in awe of the generosity you’ve extended to those around you. It’s inspiration that can be applicable anywhere. Love you guys. Talk soon!

  3. Sounds kinda like you are using ‘fair trade’ principles. We love you guys and are so proud of you!

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