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There is a nice, large pool and a kiddie pool in our compound. The kids have been swimming a couple times, but I haven’t been able to get more than my knees in that chilly water.  So when a friend invited me to go swimming with her yesterday, I wasn’t sure how enjoyable it was going to be.  I gathered up my courage and went, and it ended up being just fine. Once I swam across the pool a time or two I was warm and the water felt nice.  It was only when we would stop and chat between laps that I noticed the water was still a little cold.  “Swimming across the pool” sounds better than what was really going on.  While my friend, who swims regularly and has completed a triathlon, was actually swimming laps, I was slowly doing something that may have slightly resembled swimming, or I would float on my back trying not to drown.  That being said, I really did have a good time!  She’s going again tomorrow.  I need to exercise anyway, so I might join her again.  And it’s only going to get warmer.


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