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We took a trip to Bahrain a couple weeks ago.  I’ve been so slow to get pictures onto the computer, so I’m just posting about it now.  Bahrain is a very small country about two hours away from where we live.  You drive on a very long bridge over the ocean to get there, and I was excited to see just what that was like.  It was a little hazy, but I took some pictures anyway.

IMG_1553IMG_1554 IMG_1555 IMG_1556

Two of our friends, Jason and Susan, came with us for the weekend. It was helpful to have some seasoned travelers with us while going through security.  They at least helped us guess which papers were needed at which check point.

Emery, Myka, Susan, and I waited in the lobby while the boys checked in at the desk.  After a few hours in the car, Myka and Emery were ready to run around a bit.

IMG_1561 IMG_1562 IMG_1564 IMG_1572 IMG_1577

We stayed at a really nice hotel for our one night in Bahrain. It is connected to a big mall, so we wouldn’t have to worry about driving anywhere.  Our room looked out over the city, and though nothing very exciting, it was nice be up high and see so far.


Susan and I got our hair cut at a Tony and Guy’s while we were there.  There are barber shops for men here in Jubail, but places for women to get their hair cut is a scarcity in Saudi Arabia.  I love getting my hair cut and styled, but my Favorite part of the trip was breakfast Friday morning.  We went to a French cafe and had the best pastries!!!!!  I could eat those everyday.  Neither Stephen or I know any french, so I had to go up to the pastry case and figure out which yummy things I wanted to order.  I’m continually amazed at how many people here speak at least two languages if not more.  Which leads me to feeling a little uneducated but also being in awe of their ability.

IMG_1587 IMG_1588 IMG_1592 IMG_1593 IMG_1594 IMG_1595

Our first trip out of the country = a wonderful success.  And now I’m looking forward to my next trip!


5 thoughts on “Bahrain

  1. First of all: Love your photos. They are great! Some day I will get a fancy pants camera and take good photos, too. Have you figured out all of its features yet? I remember you were working on that at Christmas.
    Second of all: I LOVE YOUR BIBS. Did you make them? I am totally jealous of the owl one in particular.
    Third of all: Love you, too!

    • I haven’t figured out Any of my camera features! It is one of the things on my list of things to do…my long long list. It easily takes good pictures in the sunshine, but I have a hard time in low light.
      The bibs were sewn by someone, but not me. I love them too!

    • I missed the ‘third of all’! We love you too!!

  2. Keep sharing your experiences. I love reading about things that I most likely will never get to do.

  3. I hope you get to do a lot more traveling. It is exciting seeing new and different places.

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