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Raining Mud.

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I have experienced all sorts of strange weather. 

I have lived in states where we get freezing fog, blowing yellow pine tree pollen, tumbleweeds, and wind so strong it will blow the doors off your car.

This weekend I experienced something new.  Raining mud.

This is my car, nice new 2012 Mazda CX-9.  It doesn’t look all that dirty… 











 Look closer…











Wednesday, when I left work, the car wash guy had washed the car so it was all nice and clean for the weekend.  It has been quite windy around here and there has been lots of sand in the air.  In a normal place it looked like it was going to rain.  But of course it couldn’t rain, we live in a desert.

It rained.  Rained mud.

The sand here is so fine that when the wind blows it get suspended in the air and atmosphere.  When the weather gets just right to rain, the moisture and water vapor catches the sand and dust on its way down from the clouds and  it rains mud.


One thought on “Raining Mud.

  1. wow, what a mess!

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