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Our first full day here. We drove to Paphos and had lunch then ice cream cones.  It was beautiful outside, but I must say old ladies need to keep their clothes on.  Pulling your tank top straps down so you can get a suntan without lines doesn’t seem necessary, and I don’t want to see your bra.   Then again, how do I know what the priorities of 70 year old women are…  We enjoyed our food and as you can see the ice cream was a big hit.  There are those airplane hats again.  They do keep the sun out of their eyes nicely.

IMG_1833 IMG_1828 IMG_1826

I made Myka a felt doll.  It’s like a paper doll but felt.  I really like the way it turned out.  She played with it for a little while during our afternoon quiet time.  She was most impressed with the princess dress, a large pink fluffy thing.  She’s such a girl. Haha!

IMG_1846 IMG_1852

Our priority for our holiday is relaxing, and we have done a great job keeping our priorities in line.  Go us!


2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. You did a good job with the paper dolls.

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