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We’re all getting back to our normal routines.  I’m surprised that I’m happy to be back home.  But I guess that just means that this really is home.  It’s where we get together with friends, make food, have quiet afternoons.  And we do laundry.  lots of laundry.  I’m more than half way through, but it’s taking forever.  Our washer is rather small, and my shampoo leaked in our one suitcase so there was even more laundry than I expected.  It was in a bag, but the way the lid was pushed off also popped open the bag. Myka’s blanket absorbed most of it (thank God) so it was less messy than it could have been.  And now I need to buy more shampoo.

I’m working on putting together some posts about our trip, but I’m still having some photo issues.  Eventually….  For now, we’re back to regular, day-to-day fun like going to the playground, feeding cats, and figuring out meals for the week.  One thing I really like here: being able to walk to the store.


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