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My laptop is dieing.

I was using it this morning, looking at some recipes and deciding what to make today, when it just started going crazy.

Some background on my laptop:
It’s pretty new. Stephen bought it just before he started his job here.

Myka spilled tea on it back in November. The keyboard is a little stiff.

I dropped it off our bed onto the tile floor. The connection between the keyboard and screen doesn’t work well now. A line is often on the screen and it can flicker or affect the use of the touch pad. We try to help the connection by wiggling the hinge areas, and it’s generally effective.

So, it has its issues, but it’s still usable.

Until today. Suddenly, it started doing really weird things. I was texting Stephen the whole time.

Me – the laptop just went wacko [picture of sideways screen] This would be one problem. I don’t even know how you change the screen like that.. It was like someone (a monkey perhaps..) was using it remotely. The calculator kept opening, cap locks would go on and off, numbers were being typed in, the screen changed direction… I restarted it but it’s still screwy. [another picture of sideways screen] :/ I’m so sorry. This is (mostly) my fault.

Stephen – What do you mean “wacko”?

Me – Did you get my other texts after that? It seems to have calmed down now..

Stephen – I hope it feels better soon.

Stephen – Disconnect the wireless.

Me – Ooooooooh my gosh. That was probably it. HAhahahahahahaha

Stephen – tell the kids to stop playing with the computer

Me – I’m so dumb! Hahahahahaha

Stephen – Ha ha ha …

Me – still laughing here.. I thought it had finally come to the end of it’s life.

Then he wanted to put it all on facebook, and I told him if he was a good husband he would let me tell the story if, when, and how I wanted.

A monkey was, indeed, remotely accessing the computer. Usually we have the wireless keyboard and mouse turned off, but we must have forgotten last night. Emery was having a grand ol’ time typing in the living room behind my back while I was focused on the dieing laptop.

IMG_0085 IMG_0086


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Everyday life







Emery has been spending a significant amount of time vacuuming. He loves it. He cries when I put it away. So I let him vacuum a lot.

The kids were balls of energy yesterday. They were playing with some noise makers (beans and rice in an empty water bottle and spice container) when I realized they weren’t making enough noise. Several beans had been pushed through a small hole in our living room wall. So now I have beans in my wall. Great… Hopefully we move before they sprout.

I decided to give them something new and fun and less destructive to do. I got a box out of our shed and got some paint out and they painted the box. And the floor. And themselves. But that’s washable and expected and why I took their clothes off first.

Myka’s requested dress is coming along! A little more sewing, some straps, some buttons and it will be ready to go. I’m waiting to see if I really screw part of it up…I’ll let you know!

Today was our weekly bus trip to the grocery store and the mall. The bus was almost completely full, but next week it will be crazy because it will be the first trip after payday. I tried to stock up a bit because I’m thinking about not going next week. It’s too crazy with the bus completely full. Plus, I think next weekend we might take a trip to Khobar to shop at Ikea, and we’ll just add a grocery trip in there too. I am continually grateful for the store on our compound. Not only do they help me fill in the gaps when I forget to buy something or the grocery store doesn’t have a certain item, but they deliver too. I had them deliver milk the other night because I was already dressed for bed but I wanted some cereal and was out of milk. Haha!

Our special event of the day was that Stephen came to see us at McDonalds at the mall! It would have been more fun if he could have stayed longer, but he had to hurry back to the office. Myka cried “because I love him”! We’ll try again another day.


muffins and animal crackers

Baked goods don’t last long around here. Two days is the average life span of any batch of cookies, muffins, or cake. I made a cinnamon coffee cake on Saturday. It was gone by lunch on Sunday. I made muffins yesterday and animal crackers today. We’ll see how long they last…



I did get some cooking done today. Stephen requested some beef and broccoli, and we saw a recipe for it on Pinterest. I made some changes, as I always end up doing, but it turned out fantastic! I didn’t have any beef consumme so I only had water with the brown sugar, soy sauce, and garlic. It’s supposed to cook in a crock pot, but mine just wasn’t getting hot enough (a problem here with the power converters and everything..). I had to move the beef and sauce to a pot then steamed the broccoli on top of that.




There’s a dragon in our bathroom

I sent Myka to the bathroom to wash her hands.


Myka – I need the light turned on. There’s a dragon in there, but it disappears when the light is on.

Me – Ok. I’ll be right there.

Myka – there’s a dragon.

Me – I’ll turn the light on so the dragon will disappear. [I turn on the light]

Myka – It’s still here. But it’s just a little one.

Me – As long as it doesn’t eat you, that’s fine with me.

Myka – It’s a good one. It does this.

She crouches with her hands held up in front of her – like a rabbit.

Myka – It doesn’t bite me.  It’s pretend.






I am very thankful for modern technology.  On April 6th 2013, I got to use FaceTime to wish my grandfather “happy birthday” from 6,000 miles away. IMG_0247[1]









Earlier that week he turned 90 years old.  I did a little math and this means he was born on April 4, 1923.

He has always been Pappy Lehman to me.  Some people call him Red and his real name is Paul Robert Lehman.  Apparently, he used to have red hair and according to my Dad, Pappy had a “red” personality to go along with his hair and name.  To me he has always been larger than life, full of love and compassion, with strong callused hands, a scratchy white mustache and hair that is always combed back by the small comb in his pocket.

He was born in rural Pennsylvania and enlisted into the Army.  He finished training on a broken ankle and became part of 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment – 101st Airborne Division.  I always knew he had been a soldier in the war but never knew many details.  About 15 years ago, I remember he sat down and told all his kids and grandkids some stories.  He had his military uniform jacket, I got to try it on and it pretty much fit.  That was amazing.  If you’ve ever watched “Band of Brothers”, you’ve seen what his experience was like.  His company was one of the parallel units that fought beside the main characters.  My Dad also has a small website to tell some of his stories.  http://pappylehman.com/















One of my earliest memories was returning from a family vacation to find that he had built a tree house in one of the trees behind his house.  As a young boy, this was just about the most exciting thing ever.  His property had wonderful trees on it, just the right size that a small guy like myself could reach the lowest branches so I could take adventures climbing around for hours.  Spending time at Pappy and Grandma Lehman’s house was always a wonderful time.  His sheds were full of lawnmowers and yard equipment, his basement had a pool table, and there was always Coke and mint tea to drink.

Pappy Lehman always drove a small blue pickup truck.  I remember going along to the car dealer when he purchased it.  It was only a 2 seater and always had a cap on the back.  One summer my sister and I rode the entire way from New Hampshire back to Pennsylvania in the back of the truck.  It was an awesome adventure.  This truck was the workhorse of Pappy Lehman’s life.  He drove that thing everywhere.  He was always doing odd jobs and helping people with projects.

Whenever someone had a project around the house Pappy Lehman was always willing to lend a hand.  He would bring any and all the tools that one would need and he had more than enough know-how to go around to get the job done.  He would selflessly lend a hand and patiently teach us all how to do the job.  He would work hard until the job was completed.  He always had more strength and energy than the rest of us combined.

Ten years ago, he worked tirelessly the summer I got married to prepare my mom’s backyard for the festivities.  He showed me how to rake and prepare the soil for planting grass seed.  He told me how much water to use to get it to grow.  The wedding was wonderful.  I even had him pin on my boutonnière just like he did for my father back in the 70s.  Later that year he helped me move all our stuff into our first house.

It has been many years since I lived in central Pennsylvania and Pappy Lehman has moved out of the house I will always remember.  He and Grandma have had to downsize, but they are always interested in having visitors. 

He is a great man.  A great example of Jesus to all.  He works hard, caring for everyone, but I would never want to cross him because I am sure that fiery passion that Jesus used to upset the tables would come to the surface to right the wrongs and put anyone back on the proper path.

I love you Pappy Lehman.  Thank you for your service to our country and family.

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hello again!

I know, I know…It’s been a while.  I was frustrated with myself for deleting all our photos on the blog, so I just ignored the whole thing.  But then I had a birthday and remembered that I am, in fact, a grown up and should not avoid things I don’t want to deal with.  So, hello!

May 18th was my birthday, and Stephen did a spectacular job celebrating.  There were flowers, time to myself, a new phone, cake with friends, a trip to Bahrain…good, good things.  The new phone means I can finally call people!  And the trip to Bahrain was wonderful.  I got to do a little shopping, and we went to Paul’s for breakfast on Friday morning. Their pain au chocolat is delicious!  But I love the crusty bread and jam too.

It’s getting really warm over here.  The high today is 107F.  May I remind you that it is still MAY.  I’m trying to prepare myself for the heat to come.

Myka and Emery are doing well.  We bought Myka some ballet slippers when we were in Bahrain.  She wanted something a little pinker, shinier, with glitter.  But now she loves her little white slippers.  Emery said and signed ‘thank you’ this morning!  He is saying more and more.  Like dada, mom, cat, beep, bus, woof, light, no….I love it. Our hotel room in Bahrain had a scale and we found that our children weigh exactly the same amount – 26.7lbs.  Myka is still a couple of inches taller.  Emery runs around quite easily now, and Myka teaches him new and dangerous things everyday (like how to climb – or fall – over the back of the couch). Myka has requested that I make her a dress and has selected her fabric from my stash.  Pieces were cut today, but the iron and ironing board are in Emery’s room, so we’ll work on that again tomorrow.

The next big event for Stephen and I is our 10 year anniversary in June!  We won’t be doing too much, postponing a celebratory trip until next year, but just a date night out by ourselves will be fun.  I think we’ll also be heading back to Bahrain in the next couple months, maybe going to a museum there.  And I have a list of things I want from Ikea, so we will need to make a little trip to Khobar at some point.

So, lots of things to look forward to!

We’ll be fixing the photos on past posts and adding some photos from the last month or so.  Thanks for putting up with the delay!