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There’s a dragon in our bathroom


I sent Myka to the bathroom to wash her hands.


Myka – I need the light turned on. There’s a dragon in there, but it disappears when the light is on.

Me – Ok. I’ll be right there.

Myka – there’s a dragon.

Me – I’ll turn the light on so the dragon will disappear. [I turn on the light]

Myka – It’s still here. But it’s just a little one.

Me – As long as it doesn’t eat you, that’s fine with me.

Myka – It’s a good one. It does this.

She crouches with her hands held up in front of her – like a rabbit.

Myka – It doesn’t bite me.  It’s pretend.





3 thoughts on “There’s a dragon in our bathroom

  1. what a great imagination that one has! I love it!!

  2. Ha!ha! Love her imagination!!

  3. Oh, my! So funny! I love hearing about her imagination and her stories!

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